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Songs Download

Songs download service -

Some rare songs of Carnatic Music origin are sung by a group of our Myriad Stars; you may download them by clicking on the below hyperlinks; the song lyrics have been compiled and edited by Myriad Stars. Lyrics are made available in Telugu language mainly .

We spread our singing spirit online; you are welcome to join us and be a part of this growing spirit. In case you face any issue in downloading the songs or lyrics given below click here and inform us for due support. Also do not hesitate to write to us on our songs. We welcome your feedback.

Few instructions for learners -

  • These are put up for all those who are interested in learning devotional songs for themselves. In case you aspire to perform on stage / be an artist in this field, treat this as only a basic learning for the same. You will need to approach more renowned Gurus who conduct classes online / offline on the same.

  • There are immense benefits of this basic learning process itself. It has a great bearing on your ability to perform well in other walks of your life. We urge you to try this out and experience the same. In case you need help do not hesitate to contact us
  • ; we realise our non-listing of lyric documents redirect you to sites containing these lyrics. Ever since this page has been created in the year 2013 many sites started publishing lyrics; we appreciate their efforts and urge you to follow those that bring out lyric author's name with due authenticity and credits.

    ----------------------------------------Second half of Year 2017---------------------------------------------------

    **************The following songs have been composed by Indira Marthi September 2017************

    Lyrics of the 5 Sai Series songs are published in this document. Click here to download it.
    5. Viswa guruvainatti
    4. Vandanam sata vandanam
    3. Saaeeswaraa paahi parameswaraa
    2. Sai mahadeva
    1.Om Sai Sri Sai by Nalini; this song is written by Durgamba
    Vighna hantre Vinayaka by Nalini; this song is written by Mocharla Ramalakshmi


    Here are 2 beautiful lullabies / laali paatalu written by Annamaacharya (their lyrics can be obtained from a book of Annamaacharyula Keertanalu) :

    Jo Achyutananda Jo Jo Mukunda by MriNalini
    Muddu gaare Yashoda by Nalini

    Another melodious lullaby written by Devulapalli Krishna Sastry- Kasturi Ranga Ranga by MruNalini
    Click here to view the full song with 67 stanzas

    ----------------------------------------First half of Year 2017---------------------------------------------------

    Wish you a Happy Song & Music ful year in 2017.
    True to the education institutes dotting the map of India all over the country, Maata Saraswati songs are presented below as we enter the second half of year 2017.
    Sarada Bhujanga Prayatashtaka sthothram by NaliniThis is written by Sri Adi Sankaracharya;
    a very beautiful lyric in Sanskrit you can find it in many song sites with meaning
    Tuja maagatomi aata (Lord Ganesh bhajan in Marathi) by Mrunalini; its lyric can be obtained here.

    -----------------------------------------Second half year of Year 2016----------------------------------------

    Prathama tula (Lord Ganesh bhajan in Marathi) by Naloni; its lyric can be obtained here.

    Damodara ashtakam by Mrunalini
    Bhavani Ashtakam by Mrunalini

    Sri Varalakshmi Namasthubhyam by Mrunalini

    NALINI Ph.D. MSIS has offered to put up Kaarteeka Maasa content being developed by her on this page; it is being posted to few mobile users. Click here to open the Kaarteeka Maasa content page.

    This page will stay incomplete without my mentioning a word about the enormous influence of Hindi songs; while we all have local flavor of soulful music of all varieties, Hindi songs had their separate unique place in all of our hearts. We got integrated into the mainland of our nation by listening, discussing, humming, praying, playing and singing these wonderful lyrics and tunes originally sung by some of the greatest singers of the world. One such song is presented below:

    Kanjadalaayataakshi by Mrunalini

    Jagadeka maata Gowri by Nalini

    Tum aasha vishwaas hamaare by Nalini

    A beautiful lyric song of Bhadrachala Ramadasu Anthaa ramamayam sung by Nalini

    Here is a sample document of songs with musical notation given by an exponent of Carnatic music - Navaratna Keertanas in Telugu of Bhadrachala Ramadasu with music notation by Dr Nedunuri Krishna Murthy Note: The lyrics and the music notation are given in English too.

    An update to Bhramaramba stuthi is provided here with 10 slokas; the earlier version contained only 9 slokas. The left out slokam (9th one) has been given by Smt Swayampakula Rajeswari. The previous 9th one became 10th now. Click here to download Bhramabramba stuthi with 10 slokas

    A very nice mangala haarathi song for singing to elders

    Jayalakshmi Jaya Naaraayanaulaku Mangalam

    -----------------------------------------First half year of 2016---

    A bhajan song with fast beat one just can't resist humming

    Maa paapaala tolaginchu

    ----------------December 2015 ------------------------

    We come across some songs and instantly like them and learn to sing.

    Gajaananaayaa Mangalam

    Daaridrya dahana Sthothram

    ----------------November 2015 ------------------------

    There are some very long Sthothras in devotional singing; one is sure to like this type of 'long songs' too for their 'pada laalityam':

    Sri Parameswara Maatrukaavarna Maalaa Sthothram by Nalini

    Harivaraasanam Viswamohanam - a Saranamayyappa song by Nalini

    ----------------October 2015 ------------------------

    Self-learnt songs / padyams have their own charm. Try learning other language songs that appeal to you. Here are some in Dr.Nalini's voice:

    Jayate Jayate Satyameva Jayate in Hindi by Nalini
    O ji Hari keet gaye in Bhojpuri by Nalini
    Vaishnava jana to in Gujarati

    Few special songs for this year's Dussehra festival are given here:

    Namaste Saranye
    Click here to download 6 of the above lyrics document
    Click here to download Sakthi Sahita Ganapatim song document

    ----------------September 2015 ------------------------

    We make song learning easy; download the document and the audio file given in the links below to know it for yourself.

    Song Learning made easy doc - 1
    Song Learning made easy audio - 1

    Amba Tripura Sundariki
    Amba Tripura Lyric in Telugu

    ----------------August 2015 ------------------------

    Sree Sankaracharya Sthavam
    Sree Sankaracharya Sthavam Lyric in Telugu, Hindi & English languages

    3 of Pushpagiri peetha songs written by Sri Hariprasad and Sri Polepeddi Venkata Sivayya Sastry are presented here:

    Sree Sarada Devi
    Sree Chandramowleeswaraa
    Download of the above 3 Pushpagiri Peetha song lyrics here

    ----------------July 2015 ------------------------

    Nice lyric songs specially picked by Ms.Indira, Radha, Leela

    Indivaraakshi Lyric in Telugu, English & Hindi languages

    --------------27th June 2015 - 3 self-learnt or long after recalled songs by Dr.Nalini--------------------

    We forget names, faces, people as they grow up in age as we also age and lose connections in grey matter. It generally takes a while to recall old associations by recollecting old memories; photos and images tell stories when we physically write and preserve them that way. But I bring to your notice that 'songs' have a special effect. Though we never recorded our own songs long ago, when we hear anyone singing the same songs even after 30 or 40 years, we can quickly recall them and sing them with as much force as in our youth. Below I present 3 devotional songs that were recalled...

    Bantureethi koluvu
    Smara vaaram
    Sree Rangapura vihaara
    Songs make quicker reconnections friends.

    ---------12th Sept. 2014 - Bhadradri Rama Keerthanalu - Content for the following can be obtained from Ramadasu - Bhadradri Rama Keerthanalu-------------

    Vandanamo Raghunayaka
    Raamuni Vaaramu
    Rama Sitarama
    Raamaa Ninne Nammithee
    Tharalipodaam Chaalaa

    -------Download few miscellaneous songs for various occasions by clicking the links below---------

    Song in mp3Lyric in pdf / html
    Bangaaru paapaayi Bangaaru paapaayi
    Gandhamu Pooyarugaa Gandhamu Pooyarugaa
    Ghallu Ghalluna Paada Ghallu Ghalluna Paada
    Gopaala Gopaala Gopaala Gopaala
    Guru Daasoham Guru Daasoham
    Govardhana Giridhara Govardhana Giridhara

    -------Download Maargasira and Dhanurmaasa Songs by M.Nalini and S.Mridula by clicking the links below---------

    Song in mp3Lyric in pdf / html
    Ranganathude Ranganathude lyric in English
    Mahalaxmi Jagannadha Mahalaxmi Jagannadha lyric in Telugu
    Dasavathaara Sthothram Dasaavathaara sthothram lyric in Telugu
    Rukmini Kalyaanam Rukmini Kalyaanam in Telugu
    Datta Deva Neeraajanam Sree Datta Deva Neeraajanam in Telugu
    Chaaladaa Brahmamidi Sankeerthanam Chaaladaa Brahmamidi Sankeerthanam in Telugu
    Narayanathe namo namo Narayanate Namo Namo in Telugu, English, Hindi.pdf
    Vetti Valapu Challaku Vetti Valapu Challaku in Telugu
    Vandeham jagadvallabham Vandeham Jagadvallabham in Telugu
    Naarayanaaya namo namo Narayanaya namo namo in Telugu
    Achyutashtakam Achyutashtakam in Telugu
    Gana Naayakaashtakam May be accessed on Telugu Bhakti site
    Hari_hari_om Hari_hari_om
    Ningilo_theleti_neela_meghamulaara Ningilo_theleti_neela_meghamulaara
    Dattudu_dattudu_dattudu Dattasthasthavam - Dattudu_dattudu_dattudu

    --------------------Download Kartheeka Maasam Songs in zip format by clicking the link below-----------------

    Set 2: Click this link to download songs - Siva Panchaakshari Sthothram - Siva Shadaakshari Sthothram - Om namo nama om - Sree Ganesha Sthothram - Shiva Bhajan 1 - Shiva Bhajan 2 - by M.Nalini;    Click here to download these 6-song lyrics

    Set 1: Click this link to download songs - Chandrasekhaarashtakam - Jaya Jaya Sankara- Om mangalam omkara mangalam - Bhramaramba Stuthi - Nannu ganna thalli- Maadhava kesava - Kaalabhairavashtakam- Sankara guro - Jaya Vighneswara - Saranu Saranu Surendra - Namo Nama Sandhyanata - Sri Subramanyashtakam - by M.Nalini;    Click here to download these 12-song lyrics

    -----------------Download Dasara Songs and Lyrics in zip format by clicking the links below-----------------

    Click this link to download songs - Vandanam-Lankayam-RajaRajeswari-Sasikala-MahalaxmiAshtakam-Saraswathi-SambhoSankara-MahishasuraMardinee-YaaDevi-AmbaNeekide - by M.Nalini

    Click here to download these 10-song lyrics

    ---------------Krishnashtami songs--------------------

    Jaya Jaya Ramanadha - Sant Narayana Theertha Krithi - Raag Naata - Jampa Thaala - Click here to download the lyric PDF

    Jaya Jaya Vaishnavi - Sant Narayana Theertha Krithi - Raag Aarabhi - Dhavala Thaala - Click here to download the lyric PDF

    Jaya Jaya Swamin - Sant Narayana Theertha Krithi - Raag Saurashtra - Ata Thaala- Click here to download the lyric PDF

    Govardhana Giridhara - Sant Narayana Theertha Krithi - Raag Hindola - Ata Thaala - Click here to download the lyric PDF

    Krishnam kalaya sakhi - Sant Narayana Theertha Krithi - Raag Mukhari - Aadi Thaala - Click here to download the lyric PDF

    -----------Song by Guru Smt M Indira's team------------------

    Jaya Jaya Vaishnavi Durge by M Indira, Leela and Radha

    Ningilo theleti neela meghamulaara by M Indira, Leela and Radha

    Amba neekide haarathi by M Indira, Leela and Radha

    -----------Upcoming & Other Gurus' Songs / Padyams are presented in the below section------------------

    Chalire Chalire by Kiran Marthi

    Paahi Rama prabho by Mythili Vijayaragavan

    A sample Geeta shlokam rendered by D Zitendra Rao

    Katyayani Kompella is one of our Budding Gurus; click here to listen to her rendering of 'Om namo nama Om' song special to Kaartheeka Maasam    You can find its lyric in Set 2 lyric downloads in Kartheeka Maasam section

    Om namo gajanana by D Suguna

    Padyams from Lavakusa by Dr.Nalini

    -----------Upcoming singers' songs and few rare lyrics are given below----------------

    Few songs sung by upcoming singers and few lyrics too made available here for purely promotion sake.

    Nadireyi ae jhamulo song by S Naggaraju

    A sample Annamayya song by D Subbalakshmi

    Saranu Saranu Surendra by Radhakrishna Susarla

    Entamaatramuna_by_Sumasri A

    Malaimadu by S Narasimha Murthy

    This performance by a young family member Tarun Bommakanti marked the first celebration of Song & Music Learning for the Marthi Family on Krishnashtami day in August 2013.

    Mridula uploaded one song for assessment through; click here to listen to it

    Ae kulamainaa - sung by Krushi Home kids - written and taught by their Caretaker-cum-Instructor Ravi

    Paahi Raama Prabho - written by Bhaktha Raamadasa - Raag Madhyamaavathi - Mishra Chaapu thaala - Click here to download the lyric PDF

    Click here to download the lyric of 'Lalitha Bhaava Nilaya Nava rasaananda hrudaya' PDF - a rare song from old film Rahasyam - it was our first family group song too !