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Featured Services

R&D, Right Tool Identification & Provision, Performance Management, Productivity Enhancement are some of our well-proven services.

We are conducting Online Music Classes on all days of a week. Our songs are learnt fast by many learners.Click here to mention your schedule and join our Online Music Classes.


Our IT Solutions

ExcelON class

- FirstEdge


- Estein's Tutor

- Content-based Products

Tracker subclass

- DAK Tracker

- Consultancy Work Tracker

- Agile Song Manager 2013

- Content-based Products

SmarTEST class

- OnlineTestEngine

- RRB Mockup

- TMI Jobs

- WhoAmI

- Content-based Products

TAPME-in-TAME class

- School Manager

- Gym Manager

- Talent Acquisition Pipeline Manager for Enterprises

- Talent Alignment Pipeline Manager for Earth

- Juvenile Manager 2013

- Content-based Products

CRM-in-TAME class

- Requirements Management - Basic

- Requirements Management - Complex

- Content-based Products





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We work in the space of Learning and Talent Management - these include a very strong work culture in Assessments too. Our product based IT solutions are listed in the left nav bar. You are invited to take up appropriate membership to know more about them. Our products are of different types based on domains. We develop several media type products of content based on our client's requirement management needs. Hence the requirements management varies from basic to extremely complex types.