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Our Meetings of MeritScholars, MyriadStars and MyriadStarITSolutions members + Interns

Our Meetings of MeritScholars, MyriadStars and MyriadStarITSolutions members held at various points of time at registered and some operational offices; it is surprise to me today that I have not used knowledge of my education times so much in professional life. The accolades I received during those days have long been forgotten. I started fresh in professional life with a zeal to learn and excel. But sure, those might have got me entry into some offices, but nothing more than that. However, I would like to mention here that my professional life with a team had only a limited time ~30 years. But after that when I started a professional period of being with myself and working only with my visible self, I recalled my education times; the subjects of knowledge, beautiful memories, contacts; they enriched me and urged me to continue my solitude but still be productive. Without that rich background of memories that I name OUR 'CULTURE' today, probably I would have run after a job or a service. They have been polished by my professional expertise to produce beautiful books of long and short stories, blogs and many articles.

Education times matter, but professional experience matters much more. I seem to have almost nil photos of my Bishop Azariah High School (X class batch of 1976), Vijayawada and my Maris Stella College (BSc batch of 1981); they are of course part of this large group.

Much much more than all this matters one's own nourishment of one's self. What we put into our mind, guard, nurture and grow is what we become.

Disclaimer: I may not have put up all the photographs that I would have liked to; that doesn't mean I have only these professional colleagues. My world is much larger than this gallery; only the titles need to be taken more cognizance of - photos are just samples.

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