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R&D, Right Tool Identification & Provision, Right Skilling are some of our well-proven services.


Careers in Training & Development

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Our IT Solutions

ExcelON class

- FirstEdge


- Estein's Tutor

Tracker subclass

- DAK Tracker

- Consultancy Work Tracker

- Agile Song Manager 2013

SmarTEST class

- OnlineTestEngine

- RRB Mockup

- TMI Jobs

- WhoAmI

TAPME-in-TAME class

- School Manager

- Gym Manager

- Talent Acquisition Pipeline Manager for Enterprises

- Talent Alignment Pipeline Manager for Earth

- Juvenile Manager 2013

CRM-in-TAME class

- Requirements Management - Basic





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Blogs 2014

This was an year of huge creativity for us. We started writing stories, blogs, learnt devotional songs, travelled, performed at various places. Oh my God - attended several functions of near and dear too.

Visit our gallery to have a glimpse of inspiration drawn from temples .