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Blogs 2013

Capacity Building through ‘the Good’ & ‘the Bad’ - 21st Feb. 2013Everybody appears to be in a ‘Discovery Mode’ these days with the Government announcing its R & D policy aptly named – SRISHTI. I started writing this blog without any reference to SRISHTI document and let us see where both of us come together. I have been representing many matters to do with ‘LEARNING & TALENT MANAGEMENT’ from quite sometime. This blog also proposes to address one such element in greater detail. Many have cautioned many others not to play with words and language; these two aspects never allow good scientific measurement; but wait a minute we are talking about socially scientific measurements now rather than pure science based ones. Then let us examine if ‘words’ and ‘language’ subjugate themselves to this aspect. While language & expression have been elitist for quite sometime now, there are some words very commonly accepted and used for ‘the most fundamental forms of learning’. The first quality demarcation taught by most of the Parents universally is – the Good and the Bad. This is true of all nationalities, races, religions, castes and creeds. I request readers to contend this notion of mine with Statistics. Parents egg their children to be part of ‘the Good’ batch or ‘the Bad’ batch from the day a child starts showing response to logic. One is a ‘bad Boy’ if one does not obey the parents’ orders and vice versa. One is a ‘good Girl’ if one is friendly with most of the ‘friendly neighbours’ as termed by parents. If this line is crossed one becomes a ‘bad Girl’ automatically in the parents’ parlance. So the grouping of ‘the Good’ and ‘the Bad’ is essentially a family-driven process. Children are expected to inherently understand the scales of these measurements and follow them. It can extend to the social realms of Schools too if the parents make an effort to stay in touch with the School Community. But if they don’t then the School Authorities can very well play an influential role leading to a different type of measurement of ‘the Good’ and ‘the Bad’. Thus as ‘the Personal Society’ of a child goes on varying with his / her age, the child starts building an inherent perception for this ‘Good’ and the ‘Bad’. It can very well get completely blurred and may lose all its relevance too. If and when one is able to build this process completely on their own one becomes a ‘totally independent’ person capable of managing themselves completely. Many of course mingle their processes with ‘close influential ones’ and survive barely or well too. Those who are unable to manage this process succumb to circumstances. We all acknowledge this very well with or without measurements. When we break the process of ‘Capacity Building’ into a personalized one the above factors need to be borne in mind. Then how on earth do we build these ‘measurement’ processes into these millions of children and make them take charge of their careers? How do we demark ‘the Good’ and ‘the Bad’ for them ? Let me make an attempt at this – In ‘Computer’ software terms ‘good software’ and ‘good data’ are one that let it be ‘Available’ for use with optimal resources. Those that eat into its memory, corrupt its data or make it crash are ‘bad’ because they are not letting it be ‘Available’. It works sub optimally or does not work at all. Thus when ‘a young person’ comes into a job he / she comes with a ‘specific minimum capacity’ to do it just like a Computer with minimum specification of hardware and OS. Governments & Corporates have the choice to preserve this capacity or enhance it or reduce it or even kill it with their ‘work programs’. The aims of organizations being very different and HR processes and technologies coming into vogue only recently judgement of these programs can happen only after quite sometime. The first trick for ‘good Organizations’ for doing ‘good Work’ through ‘good Capacity’ building appears to lie in measuring the ‘minimum Capacity’ of a person at the entry level. The next trick however appears to be to build ‘acceptable Work Programs’ for majority of this work force that are governed by ‘acceptable Managers & Experts’. What is the relation between ‘acceptable’,’ good’ and ‘bad’ here? ‘Acceptable Capacity’ = ‘Good Capacity’ – ‘Bad Capacity’ and it must be POSITIVE. What is ‘Available Capacity’ for an organization must be ‘Acceptable Capacity’ of that organization from a client’s perspective. It has to be POSITIVE. There can be thousand and one negatives inside it. But their sum effect must be Positive. As otherwise they can not become ‘acceptable’ to Society. If an organization has to do anything more than ‘the ordinary’ these days, the POSITIVE has to be HIGHLY ACCEPTABLE. That is the ‘social’ factor in ‘social science’. Thus I wish and hope that SRISHTI’s Governance Policies will promote HIGHLY ACCEPTABLE Innovations for all of us to thrive on.
About Us - 10th March 2013 Our Objective : To bring 'IT Success' to our members by managing their capacity to deliver complex work through R&D, Productivity Optimization Techniques, Learning Techniques, Innovation and Talent Management practices; also to showcase their talent to Governments, SMEs to present opportunities for their growth. Read 'IT' as 'IT / ITeS' all over this website and related websites. We are an IT Talent Network of people who have worked in several different types of Organizations, in different domains and contributed significantly to the ever-booming IT Culture of India. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Our Governing Body - Will be elected by members Founder Chairman will exercise her voting right for that elected member who will contribute maximum in the first Rs. 1 Crore business to Myriad Stars Network with maximum value in terms of number of Consultants, Projects, Products and Interns. Founder’s business experience must be vastly enhanced in this business process. Individual Members – IT, Business, Management Consultants - Individuals who subscribe to the philosophies projected on this website primrily. Nominated Member Consultants - Nominated members from TAPME, IMCI, NISG, HYDSPIN, IT Interns communities. Co-opted Member Consultants – Engineering & Emerging Technology Consultants - These will be the expert members invited from time to time in order to execute a project successfully. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Forum Genesis The forum is born because of a perceived need in our society for open, ethical, senior IT talent available at acceptable costs especially by SMEs, the Governments and the Freshers who are all looking for guidance from them. The need is felt like this – SMEs: Hi there! Have you worked in any big IT company earlier ? Are you trained on this technology / special skill ? Can you help me solve this IT problem in my company ? Have you gone to any foreign countries ? …or something like this – Governments: Have you done any training earlier ? Have you written any Case Studies ? Have you implemented any software products for other companies ? …or something like this – Working Professionals: I can take on more work from home to earn some extra money. How do I find opportunities to provide me this extra money ? I have developed these additional skills. How do I find opportunities to give me entry into this type of work ? I want to develop these additional skills. How do I find internship projects in these areas ? …or something like this – Freshers: Do you have a company ? Do you have clients who give projects to you ? Do you have any senior employees to guide me ? I can learn fast and prove myself. Can you give me an experience certificate ?
Definitions - 10th March 2013 Consultants
IT Consultants / Management Consultants - Senior Talent - all those who have contributed significantly to IT policies, Change Management and IT-based Governance in different types of organizations without support of any professional bodies / certifications in a Positive way for the Community.
Partner Communities that take up Membership of Myriad Stars Network will be the organizational members; the term of membership is Annual. We encourage our Partner Communities to become active members of this Network and play a role in Governing one of the unique Groups of all times spread across the world.
Individual Members are those Managers and Consultants of all types who have worked in our projects and performed above our acceptable criteria of Membership. The term of membership is only Annual at the moment. Any other type will be considered only after the formation of Governing Body.
IT Interns / Interns - Talent at all levels -but, largely junior and middle level - all those who have contributed to SME Companies / IT Departments growth substantially through on-the-job-learning without support of any professional bodies / certifications.
Build Assessment Reports - 10th March 2013 We go through a step-by-step process to achieve IT success for you. First, we take up Assessment of your IT Department – its assets primarily and people too optionally. We produce a 'Myriad Star Assessment Report' for you that you can use as Blue Print for Success from IT. It will have advice built on – how to derive the maximum benefit with in situ assets, hardware, software and personnel, skill upgrades if any. It will contain a solution to cross that one hurdle between current situation to your next level of IT success. An optional ROI statement is produced for benefitting implementation. Should you require implementation help for the report recommendations, Myriad Star IT Solutions can do the needful for you.