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Blogs 2012

Allow me to articulate again - 12th Aug. 2012Got the verdict from all those I directly invited. None of you came forward to join except for one friend who rung me up and told me this. But, she also did not join by paying. May be I was not articulate enough. The second issues are always better. So, I am going to give it a try again. For want of sufficient acknowledged expertise on Certifications, Governmental Processes, Regulators we really do not commit to expertise. We are afraid of them because we may have to pay them very high. We have very good teachers but industry does not accept them. We have very good businessmen but academia does not accept them. Government does not want to resolve this conflict. So, it says anyone who is able to show achievement in numbers is the ‘expert’. In this number game expertise drowned completely because they have to be paid. Let me take a shot at defining it this way. If there is a skilled person who is acknowledged by minimum two or more warring organizations he / she is the expert if he / she is able to show acceptable numbers. That acknowledgement must come in the form of adding to their numbers. Let the Industry and Academia define their respective metrics. Let Governments and SMEs apply weightages to them and arrive at their own numbers. There is a need to draw up battles differently. Assessments also need to be done differently. It can be done by only those people who are rooted in India, not by those who are drawing inspiration from Western Industry. Their culture is different. We can be very aware of them as they proved points time and again but not be like them. Internet changed the entire game. We are a populous country. Our needs are first – a right to work and earn rather than to use technology all over the place. Friends, most of us are Interns in several domains but Consultants in very few domains. It is probably easy to conquer technology and achieve expertise but we have to put in life long learning to harness the youngsters’ energy. I am certainly an ‘IT intern’ in this domain. I have to update myself every year without fail. What about you? Until each of us passes this test, we can not be Experts. Right ?
Positivity vs Negativity – how much Change can we afford ? - 29th Aug. 2012 In Stressful Scenarios – Mind the Context More and the Emotion Less Friends, I practice positive thinking day-in and day-out. Inspite of that I notice some words come out involuntarily. I am consciously putting in a lot of effort to curb this natural flow of words. Will I not get into a Writer’s Bloc then ? Can I afford that much of time to change ? Will I be true to myself then ? Have I measured the impact of my words, sentences on others in stressful situations ? I know for sure that only very few are affected by it unduly. When I question myself on this, I discover that I am very comfortable with my inherently built-in vocabulary generally. Even in stressful scenarios - 80% of it is Positive. I am minimizing on remaining 20% negativity too. Without a minimum negative expression communication needs cannot be met. What do you say ? As for the impact of words, I would only request all – Mind the Context More and the Emotion Less. As long as you and I are comfortable in carrying out our work we will put in effort to take our natural relationships to new heights. When such positive energy flows between us, our creations will have to be Successful and World-class. Never mind the past. We will move on.
IT represents ‘IT / ITeS’ over here - 2nd Sept. 2012 Welcome to all ‘ITeS’ Friends ! Please read ‘IT’ as ‘IT / ITeS‘ all over this website and all related sites too. Thanks for reminding - you are a fantastic Talented Lot who can work equally great if not bigger wonders. This major correction is applicable all over ‘Myriad Stars Network’, ‘IT Interns’ websites starting from today. The Posts / Comments / Case Studies / e-Learning Courses / Software binaries will be available only for registered members of Internware. Visit to be part of our Talent Forum.
Pace of Work - 2nd Sept. 2012Who decides Pace of Work ? The leader, the worker or the work itself ? Many of us can adapt to all of them. I can set the right pace for a team to achieve very good results the first time. Fine tuning will happen over time. In this interdependent society, we tend to blame the interdependencies for slow pace rather than looking within. Then a true leader is the one who is able to create independent work packages, distribute work effectively, gets them done in acceptable time periods with marketable quality. to Set Right Pace for Teams, makes them Successful time and again by achieving required results The Results and Marketable Quality are of course decided by the organization giving him work. Work Pace then can comprise of – Speed, Quality and Comfort. We will all love to work for that leader who juggles them the best and strikes the right chord for each team.
L&D or R&D - what is needed today ? - 5th Sept.2012 These matters always intrigued me. As IT is spreading its wings into every business domain, everyone is becoming aware of their own learning characteristics, shortcomings, lacunae. There is no escape from Learning today. But yes, there is a definite escape from learning leading to development – yours or your organization’s. Very many are capable of ‘Learning’, but only few use it to develop themselves. Our ‘Productivity’ depends on this conversion factor. World has come around to learn the ‘Learning’ very fast. How fast it will lead to Productivity is a matter of ‘R&D’. This subject needs research friends, not just Learning. It needs Subject Matter Experts, Top Class Business Consultants, Organizational Behaviour Coaches to steer the world around to achieve it. You only want to learn but not develop – it is your choice. You want ‘Productivity’ the L&D way – hone your learning skills. I do it constantly. I chose ‘Productivity’ the R&D way. How many of you are with me ?
Light–heartedness :-) in Heavy Capacity Building :-( - 10th Sept. 2912 No arguments in being Scientifically-tempered for Capacity Building
After all, only Technology did it successfully so far
But Science is not sufficient for heavy Risk Management
Its necessary to be Creative at being loyally wily, gaily
To be Light-hearted with jokes and sense of humour publicly
Report attractively, concisely and directly
Friends, have we not learnt all this from Outsiders ?
Left to ourselves we have been killing capacities more than building
Time to acknowledge we learnt Science from Outsiders
Can we add our own Value to this Great Science?
Let’s commit not only to our own Capacity Building
But also not to Kill that of Outsiders
No doubt we owe our Change of Thinking to them.