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R&D, Right Tool Identification & Provision, Performance Management, Productivity Enhancement are some of our well-proven services.



Our IT Solutions

ExcelON class

- FirstEdge


- Estein's Tutor

- Content-based Products

Tracker subclass

- DAK Tracker

- Consultancy Work Tracker

- Agile Song Manager 2013

- Content-based Products

SmarTEST class

- OnlineTestEngine

- RRB Mockup

- TMI Jobs

- WhoAmI

- Content-based Products

TAPME-in-TAME class

- School Manager

- Gym Manager

- Talent Acquisition Pipeline Manager for Enterprises

- Talent Alignment Pipeline Manager for Earth

- Juvenile Manager 2013

- Content-based Products

CRM-in-TAME class

- Requirements Management - Basic

- Requirements Management - Complex

- Content-based Products





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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1.a. What is the Vision of Myriad Stars Network ?
Myriad Stars Network organization was formed as an R & D body out of necessity. While trying to achieve the vision & mission of Myriad Star IT Solutions Private Limited, we felt the necessity of existence of a Research & Development division. That was when Myriad Stars Network got formed. At a time when R & D was scoffed at by the MBA and traditional business community, we proved its necessity amidst some of the worst resistance faced. We state its vision as - making R & D accepted as a very important part of every industry - be it high-tech, low-tech, IT, non-IT, people or systems, Government or Public or Private.

1.b. What is the Mission of Myriad Stars Network ?
We partner with companies to achieve their mission goals. We helped Myriad Star IT Solutions Private Limited achieve its mission of its solutions implementation in 20 different domains by 2015.

1.c. What are the domains of Myriad Stars Network ?
We defined this in the year 2012 first as - IT, (and / or) ITeS and Telecom. Here is an update for it - Telecom represents any type of 'technology based Communication' for us - technology-based such as landlines, mobiles, television, or any device, web by using voice / data / both. The message formats could be - email, chat, SMS, voice, Apps, movies, games, Songs and Music over voice / data networks. We work with experts in non-tech based communications to build robust tech-based communication systems. A word about video - we treat this as an advanced and costly format of communication. Our use of this format is very restricted and highly selected.

1.d. If most of senior members are Consultants who will do the R&D, people management, production and project documentation work?
It is a myth that Consultants only advise and not do work. No one can become a Consultant without doing work. A practicing Consultant works very hard to stay up-to-date with work place methods, norms and changes. All this means Consultants do all of the required / assigned work too.

2. Should a practising Consultant only become a member?
Practising Consultants will be the core members. But an aspiring candidate for Consultancy profession also can become a member after he participates in a project conducted by Myriad Stars Network.

3. How do I become a member of Myriad Stars Network ?
Please go through the website content of first. Then ensure for yourself that a specific membership will benefit you. Register yourself by creating a new user account. Then make the appropriate payment for the you are interested in. Membership processing will be done on a first-come-first-serve basis. Make sure answer our queries as correctly and precisely as possible by consulting concerned authorities of your organization. Then we will be able to categorize you appropriately as 'Type I' or 'Type II' member.

4. Is it going to be a crowd-sourcing type of system?
The Managing Committee will decide this.

5. This system can be easily delayed, denied, cheated or robbed by hitherto unexpected type of threats. How do you guarantee an outcome or delivery?
Information Security system processes will be implemented by taking care of additional work place threats.

6. Are the processes going to be the same as prescribed by ISO 9000 type or SEI-CMM?
The core of these world famous processes will be adapted and enhanced to cater to cost-effectiveness with a guaranteed outcome. Work-from-home kind of independent and cost-effective processes will be included and even promoted.

7. What processes is it going to follow ?
It will strive to develop cost-effective processes with committed and acceptable outcomes to complete projects.

8. Is there any limit to project sizes that Myriad Stars Network proposes to handle ?
Managing Committee will decide this.

9. How does Myriad Stars Network market itself ?
It will work with other organizations like TAPME, IMCI, HYDSPIN, NISG to start with to market its offerings. It will develop its own market more aggressively as it becomes self-sufficient.

10. Why should members fund Myriad Stars Network ?
Members are expected to fund because they will get benefits through its R&D services.

11. Who funds Myriad Stars Network ?
Initially members are expected to fund the Network. It will strive to become self-sufficient at the earliest possible.

12. Who is eligible to work for Myriad Stars Network ?
IT Interns will be the main work force in Myriad Stars Network. They could be eligible graduates, post graduates of Engineering, Technology, Science, Arts, Business, or any other non-traditional academic stream as long as they show proof of their eligibility. Specific criterion will be formed by the managing committee to address various scenarios for compliance. ‘IT Consultants’ will be the senior work force who will guide ‘IT Interns’ towards Project completion. Their eligibility criterion also will be finalised by the managing committee.

13. Who heads Myriad Stars Network ?
Visit ‘Who We Are ->About Us’ page for this. We propose to form a managing committee for heading this body.

14. What does Myriad Stars Network do ?
Myriad Stars Network proposes to build R&D Reports for specific challenges to IT Services, Products, Solutions market and sell them to its members to start with. We will also sell the IT Skills of senior people to become self-sufficient faster. The mode of work will be for ‘value-creation’.

15. What is Myriad Stars Network ?
Myriad Stars Network is proposed to be an R&D organization for IT Services, Products and Solutions development driven by MSME needs.