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ExcelON Instruments have been used to the hilt to show value to a Major Indian Customer using Productivity-based metrics. Customer is happy to "release productivity-based additional compensation to engineers / managers / in-chrges".




1st July - 31st Dec. 2017

Dr. Nalini MSIS - Program Manager, Myriad Stars

Mrinalini, Mrunalini - Interns, Myriad Stars

MS NalineSree - Product Manager, Cool Colonies

Groups preaching Spirituality





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1st July - 31st Dec. 2017

NALINI - She is the lonely IT warrior who fought with unknown enemies to get back her small business, played several roles and created her own world on internet.
She spent nearly 5 years in architecting the world of Myriad Star IT Solutions, Myriad Stars, IT Interns and Cool Colonies online. She met her goals of completing this job successfully. We wish her many laurels and a rewarding
ExcelON career with tons of love, name, fame, fortune and affection. We are truly proud of her achievement. She wishes to share her fortune with those who helped her in this journey if they
show themselves up with a red rose, white flag and a limerick written in their own words that describes their journey in 4 lines.

Note: Dr. Nalini MSIS, Nalini Swayampakula, Swayampakula Nalini, S. Nalini, Nalini Marthi, M.Nalini, Dr.Marthi Nalini, Dr.Nalini Marthi, Dr.Nalini MSIT+, Nalini msiT, Nalini Ph.D. - are all names of this same person we referred above. She requested ExcelON.biz to publish this note as she is noticing that lots of records in various organizations on her name (one of the names given above) are no longer present.

Mrinalini, Mrunalini - Interns, Myriad Stars - our left and right sides of functions work through them. They fulfill our aspirations, dreams and realise projects. We thank them sincerely from lighting up our world with your presence.

Scientists discovering 'existence of gravitational waves' in various laboratories all over the world is a truly cherished moment for the entire scientific community. We whole-heartedly congratulate all the members responsible for this wonderful discovery.

MS NalineSree - Product Manager, Cool Colonies - though slow to pick up, this one has done outstanding work over time by diligently carrying out orders of superiors. Proved that innovators succeed when supported by this type of diligent workforce. Hats Off to this one !

Groups that took up Spirituality preaching - we notice resurgence of 'Spirituality' everywhere , be it due to years of practice at work, or religious epics' writings; spirituality is becoming a way of life for many especially the younger lot. 'Hare Krishna Movement' is a huge example of it. They are going to be the cornerstones of many new dreams and the structures built on them. Hearty Congratulations to them !