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Benefits - You can air your Views & discover your Friends faster online !


Training Online

Training Online need is present in several remote locations. At times when the trainees are passionate about learning training online yielded better results for us cost-effectively.

We are conducting Online training sessions for Recruitment and IT Product / Solution usage - TAPME-in-TAME, Simple Machines ForumTM. Register in our IT Interns to be part of these sessions.

Learning Singing Onine - We are conducting Online Music Classes on all days of a week. Our songs are learnt fast by many learners. Click here to mention your schedule need and join our Online Music Classes.

Those who are not able to have fixed hours can learn them through our 'Songs Download', 'Bhajans Download' pages.

Music is one part of our Training Online. We also train through our blogs, stories and learning framework. You can get these resources released for use from 'Myriad Stars Network Shares page link'.