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Governing Body

- Will be elected by members Founder Chairman will exercise her voting right for that elected member who will contribute maximum in the first Rs. 1 Crore business to Myriad Stars with maximum value in terms of number of Consultants, Projects, Products and Interns.

Founder’s business experience must be vastly enhanced in this business process.
Individual Members – IT, Business, Management Consultants - Individuals who subscribe to the philosophies projected on this website primarily. Nominated Member Consultants

- Nominated members from TAPME, IMCI, NISG, HYDSPIN, IT Interns communities. Co-opted Member Consultants – Engineering & Emerging Technology Consultants - These will be the expert members invited from time to time in order to execute a project successfully.
We applied for TradeMark patent Temp-132256 in Class 42 as Service Provider in 2013 with logo MSIT_yellow logoMSIT - Myriad Stars Network to the Government of India. Our application is in its final stages of acceptance.