Partner 3 - Healthy-match water systems & services businesses
Hmwssb In CC
includes Sewerage systems, water storage systems, water refineries and borewell builders. While we build and look after systems we pay great attention to the personnel behind these machines, tools, materials and resources by providing them research, development and tech support projects for career growth in line with our organization growth. This time around we make a special mention of the very efficient Banking, Finance, Revenue & Expenditure Management Communities and welcome them into our fold.
Key personnel part of this program are IMCIW (an institute for Watchmen), NEPG (an Association for Post Graduates) and R&D personnel of Myriad Stars.
Contact: with your enquiries.

Partner 2 - Online Music Colonies
We have been taking recourse to music to pray the Almighty, to learn finer nuances of musicology, to sing on our own and to enjoy the various great concerts for simple pleasure of mixing with different groups of people. Many artists make a living by taking up music careers and supporting eco-systems. While few scientists among them found cure for few illnesses too, we discovered its help in our technology work. Hence they logically become our partners for a healthy living irrespective of their using technology much.

Partner 1 - Media & Ad SMEs

  • Small Ad - 200 x 140 px size - Rs. 5000/- per month.
  • Smaller Ad - 100 x 70 px size - Rs. 2500/- per month.
  • Partners must indicate their domain as per our classification above.

  • Payments are to be made to
    Account name: Myriad Star IT Solutions Pvt Ltd,
    Banker: Bank of Baroda, Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad, Ap
    Account no.: 32170200000077

    Send Ad image (jpeg, jpg, gif, png formats only), domain, payment confirmation number to us in an email addressed to
    Once it is accepted we will send you a confirmation of upload; else you will hear from us on suggested changes.


    Ad image / Ad content acceptable in our domains will be taken up by us. Cool Colonies India decision will be final in all matters of organization.



    Enterprise Architecture Partners:
    1. Those representing requirements of diverse population in drawing for implementation of matching optimal architectures
      Those Applying Indian business principles
      Talent Management personnel
  • Story, Documentation & Brochure Development Partners:
    1. Those developing stories, documentation & brochures with representative colours and content of brand
      Those Applying Indian business principles
  • Cultural Service Partners (Pooja Samagri & Devotional Songs):
    1. Pooja Saamagri shops
      Gaanavibhavari teams