• Devotional Songs

    Indian Music Gurus like Thyagaraja, Syama Sastry, Muthuswamy Dikshithar, Annamacharya, Ramadasa have made us realise the importance of spirituality in daily life. We enhance the traditional path set by them with today's innovation.

  • Light Music & Patriotic Songs

    Non-filmi emotional expressions in songs and music are the most wondrous ones ! Classical, Semi-classical & Light Music encompass all of them.
    What is life without a patriotic fervour ? We acknowledge songs role in building everyone's patriotic emotions through Music !

  • Contests !

    We groom our wards to participate in Contests enthusiastically first and Win next ! This brings out the best in them nurture a positive outlook.

  • Electronics, Computers, Telecommunication, Mobiles, Software

    We take to Technology like Fish to Water ! If you believe in motivational power of Songs, Music and Technology, you belong here !!!

Welcome to Cool Colonies
Governing Body - We discover and rediscover ourselves every now and then. We stay in tune with times and places. We form Cool Colonies with Interns, IT Interns and Myriad Stars to build high productive teams. Not to forget the role of technology in our lives - we love to use electronics, computers, mobiles and are excited at the prospect of building our own apps with today's tools.

Influence of Gurus / Experts / Influencers in this domain - Due to respect for elders / lack of scientific clarity / indifference, many in this domain adhere to the guidelines / norms / discipline / values set by their elders. We acknowledge that this is the most Unique Characteristic of this domain.